The Science Across Virtual Institutes  (SAVI) program is a groundbreaking funding initiative sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to foster international collaboration. SAVI-sponsored research programs span disciplinary, institutional, geographic, linguistic, and cultural boundaries by bringing together leading international researchers with NSF-funded U.S. institutions. Major goals of SAVI include (i) addressing global scientific challenges at the frontier; (ii) leveraging NSF funding with new global funding opportunities; (iii) providing mentorship and training to junior researchers in the US and abroad; and (iv) catalyzing the sharing of intellectual strengths and unique research facilities globally.

In the context of Sc2.0, SAVI funding facilitated the creation of an international consortium of research institutions committed to building one or more synthetic chromosomes.  Some of the specific activities and interactions amongst Sc2.0 researchers made possible by SAVI funding are described here.