Welcome to the synthetic yeast genome web site.

This is the site where you will learn about our ongoing project to synthesize a designer eukaryotic genome – our assembly strategy and the design features of the new version of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome, which we fondly refer to as Sc2.0. Also, these pages describe the Build-A-Genome course, an innovative educational program to engage undergraduate students and others directly in the Sc2.0 project by producing synthetic DNA that will be directly used in the project. These pages also serve as a forum for engaging the yeast and synthetic biology communities in our initiative to synthesize a modified version of the genome, chromosome by chromosome, from the “bottom up”. We welcome input on the design features of Sc2.0 – or future versions. An important aspect of this project is to leverage the formidable collective knowledgebase of the yeast and synthetic biology communities.