New York Genome Center (NYGC) hosts 4th International Sc2.0 and synthetic Genomes meeting

sc2-meeting-2015The fourth international meeting of our group was held at the NYGC in lower Manhattan on July 16-17, 2015, and organized by Jef Boeke, Nancy J. Kelley and Leslie Mitchell. At the last meeting, our group decided to expand to a two day meeting and also to expand the topic area to include discussion and presentations on other synthetic genomes. Jef Boeke kicked off the meeting with an overview of the Sc2 project, and there were two nuts and bolts workshops where each team explained progress and challenges. Highlights included panel discussions on synthetic genomes and society and discussions of what is the next multicellular genome that should be synthesized. Sessions highlighting the relationship of yeast genomes to the flavors and behaviors of certain alcoholic beverages were discussed by Daniel Johnson and Sakkie Pretorius of the Australian Wine Research Institute and by Troels Prahl of White Labs with his colleague Toby Richardson of Synthetic Genomics Inc. Representatives of DNA synthesis and robotics and instrument companies were also in attendance. A very exciting meeting all around! We hope to see you in Edinburgh next year:

5th International Sc2.0 and Synthetic Genomes meeting, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, July 8-9, 2016, Main Organizer: Patrick Cai. Keynote speakers are Jasper Rine and Jim Collins.