syn chr assignments Sep 2017 NYU CHEF

Chromosome assignments for Sc2.0 as of September 2017

*chr 1  NYU Jef Boeke
*chr 2 BGI , China (MOST, Ministry of Science and Technology) Yue Shen and U. of Edinburgh Patrick Cai
*chr 3 JHU NSF Srinivasan Chandrasegaran
*chr 4 NYU/JGI (Joint Genome Institute, funded by US Department of Energy)/TITech J Boeke, Yasunori Aizawa
*chr 5 Tianjin University China MOST YJ Yuan
*chr 6 JHU/GenScript Funded by NSF and GenScript, Inc. J Boeke
chr 7 BGI MOST Yue Shen and U. of Edinburgh Patrick Cai
*chr 8 NYU J Boeke
*chr 9 JHU/NSF S Chandrasegaran/J Boeke
chr 10 Tianjin University China MOST YJ Yuan
*chr 11 Imperial College London BBSRC/EPSRC Tom Ellis
*chr 12 Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program Junbiao Dai
chr 13 BGI MOST Yue Shen
chr 14 Macquarie U Sakkie Pretorius and Australian Wine Res Ins Daniel Johnson
chr 15 NUS Matthew Wook Chang
chr 16 Macquarie U Sakkie Pretorius

Neochromosome  Assigned to U of Edinburgh Patrick Cai

*1-6, 8,9, 11 and 12 are in various stages of synthesis/assembly

Other active collaborations:

SCRaMbLE sequencing Giovanni Stracquadanio and Joel Bader, JHU; Yue Shen, Yun Wang, BGI
3C structure of synthetic chromosomes Heloise Muller and Romain Koszul
Pasteur Institute, Paris
SCRaMbLEing studies. Jennifer Hackett, The Dalton School, New York (High School)
Synthesis and assembly: Tor Solli-Nowlan, LA BioHackers (DIYBio group)
Bioethics and statement of principles: Anna Sliva, Debra Mathews, Berman Institute of Bioethics, JHU

Resynthesis of syn9R variants Kevin Munnelly, Gen9