7th international yeast 2.0 and synthetic genomes conference

Synthetic Biology is widely believed to have the potential to make the most profound impact on the way we solve the many grand challenges facing humanity over the next 50 years. Conferences, such as this one, which bring together individuals involved in this field from around the world, are crucial to supercharge the intellectual horsepower required to ‘join the dots’.

The 7th Yeast 2.0 and Synthetic Genomes conference, to be held in the spectacular city of Sydney in November 2018, will provide delegates the opportunity to hear speakers who have made or have the potential to make significant impacts in the synthetic biology world.  Synthetic genomics takes science and technology into a whole new dimension, and will provide the impetus to propel the bioeconomy, to meet the complex needs of a rapidly greying global population.  The conference program will highlight work currently being undertaken in the most crucial areas, and delegates will have ample opportunity to network with colleagues, to exchange ideas and to forge new collaborations.

This conference also acts as a pivotal moment for the international Yeast 2.0 project.  This history-in-the-making project will open-up the possibility of producing energy-rich molecules for renewable biofuels and sustainable industrial chemicals; compounds for the bio-remediation of polluted environments; novel antibiotics, vaccines and personalised medicines; and adequate nutritious and safe food supplies to meet the future demands of a global population of 10 billion people of which two-thirds will be over the age of 60 by 2050.

We invite you to join with us for this very special conference (registration), and look forward to welcoming you to Sydney in November 2018.

Professor Sakkie Pretorius


Conference Planning Committee

Conference website: https://iysgc2018.com/